Nominations are created for the support of unconventionally thinking people, who reached high results in their field, despite of young age and certain difficulties, and obstacles.

The award, young people can count in the ages of up to 21 years of age inclusive from any country. Nominees will be given a tangible component that provides information support, as well as will be given infrastructure for further development.

In 2016, we plan to hand nominations in the following areas:

Entrepreneur— He is honest in his business and at this age has achieved certain results. He has encountered difficulties in his business, but overcame them or is in the process of dealing them.

Inventor/Scholar— an individual who thinks outside of the box, who offers new ideas and solutions in his/her scientific field, who met some confrontation, problems of artificial character and bureaucratic obstacles.

To the composition of nominations we plan to approach flexibly and perhaps, number of nominations will increase with time. A request can be sent from any country. Offer of a candidate can be made from a third person.

Why did we choose to exactly select this age category?

Founder – Entrepreneur Vladislav Krishtop, independently by the age of 21, created the largest IT-company in his home town, already then he was engaged in charitable activities, providing assistance to people and projects. This way, Vladislav got first-hand experience and understands all of the difficulties and risks, which young people can expect in their difficult task.

That is why, in the framework of the Fund, it puts itself in front of a task to help young people realize their potential. Older people, usually, already reached certain results, and have more opportunities and experience. Young people by 21 years of age with their misconceptions, contradictions, ideas and dreams more often without considerable experience, material wealth and support, are, in our opinion, at risk.

Our task – is to support young people in a difficult minute, this category will give them a chance for self-realization.

Nomination will occur once a year, first one will be on September 22, 2016.